All photos by Amber Williams Photography and Briallyn Hale

Meet Jacqui


My husband laughs when I say I am a ‘northern beaches girl’ – but it’s true!  I grew up in one of the most beautiful parts of Sydney, overlooking Manly Beach.  I have also lived in Papua New Guinea, Tasmania and Victoria – never far from the beach and adventure!

I have a real zest for life and love to explore our planet!  I am blessed to now live in Peregian Beach, not far from Noosa, on the glorious Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  My husband, Graham, often works with me and is my right-hand-man at weddings, as he looks after my PA and your ceremony music.

Ever since I was a child, I have loved nature and exploring the world around us.  As an adult, I have tried to adopt eco-friendly practices in both my life and business.

It’s always difficult to describe one’s own personality so I took the easy way out and made a list of some of the words past brides and grooms have used about me in testimonials!  “adaptable, confident, creative, diligent, enthusiastic, friendly, helpful, honest, intuitive, optimistic, relaxed, reliable, resourceful, sincere, smiley, warm-natured”.

Come and meet me and decide for yourself!

My approach to ceremonies


Your ceremony should be totally about YOU – not me!  My role is to guide and support you as we create your ceremony together.

Most importantly, as a registered Civil Celebrant and a Civil Partnership Notary, I will ensure that all the legal obligations and requirements are met for your lawful marriage/civil union.

Whether you want your ceremony to be traditional or ‘outside-the-box’, sophisticated or barefoot on the beach,  I adapt to what you want.  If you have a zany idea or something special you would like to include, let me know and I will incorporate it into your ceremony! I will advise and guide you in finding resources that assist in creating a ceremony that is completely yours.

I take genuine pride in my work which is reflected in the ceremonies that I create. My dedication to you and your special day will be evident from our first meeting. Please complete my Contact form NOW, so we can arrange a chat or a meeting!

My astrological sign says I love ‘the new and extraordinary’ and dislike dull, regular routines. Ruled by the giver of energy – the Sun – I am said to excel in situations where assertiveness, charm, and warmth are important for success. People are attracted to this star sign’s wit and charm and they inspire others to be their best. Not likely to succumb to pressure, they are great thinkers and speakers, who lead from the front. If you guessed I was a Leo, you are correct!